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Jex is a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur!

- Jex is an active voice-actress, voicing over 100+ characters in video games, commercials, and animation. She works closely in VR and motion capture for the entertainment industry. You can listen to her audio demos

- She’s worked as a zookeeper, joined the Army Reserved Officer’s Training Corps in college, and co-founded a Copywriting biz with her husband and grew it to a million-dollar business by age 27.

- Jex is the founder of Moonlight, a monthly meet-up group for entrepreneurs in Silicon Beach. If you've been searching for a group of builders and makers who also value kindness, community, and ambition, join the waitlist here: Moonlight.events

- She also founded the clothing brand Jexy Rexxie, a lifestyle brand for acrobatics and athletes! JexyRexxie.com

- She’s written 5 screenplays (a full-length sci-fi and Horror pilot and 3 short films). She consulted on the strategy behind a multi-million dollar national TV campaign for a women’s health brand, using her short film as inspiration. 


*Jex has professional Home Studio equipment and a Vocal Booth 

"Jex delivered a fantastic performance.  She was able to convey a sense of creepiness in a youthful sounding voice that really helped to bring the character to life."

- George Spanos, Warframe.com Audio Director, Digital Extremes

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