Jex Black 

Voice Actress




Her voice is "Cute, But Dangerous”

Jex’s voices are effortlessly soft…bright…child-like, innocent & relatable. Your heart will surely melt and you'll possibly find yourself wanting to squish her cute and cuddly characters. 

AND yet, at the same time, her youthful voice can be dangerous, sharp... expressing dark elements with the right amount of bite.

This alluring and intriguing combo is a direct effect of her delivery. She brings fans who appreciate the dark tones within storytelling, and she builds unforgettable characters in animation and video games.

Contact Jex if you're looking for an easy going and creative actress for your next Voice Over project! 


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*Jex has professional Home Studio equipment and a Vocal Booth 

"Jex delivered a fantastic performance.  She was able to convey a sense of creepiness in a youthful sounding voice that really helped to bring the character to life."

- George Spanos, Audio Director, Digital Extremes

Shadow on Concrete Wall
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Mocap Reel

Jex has lost 20 lbs since the filming of this reel in 2017! New Reel Coming Soon! 

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